2.0 Beginner's Guide to FPV

Now you understand what are the essential components to build a FPV drone.

Here comes what should you expect in this hobby and steps to kick start.

  1. Get a radio controller (get a used if you are on budget)
  2. Learn to fly on simulator (recommended VelociDrone / Liftoff)
  3. When you are ready 
  4. Get a goggles [Analog/Digital] (get a used if you are on budget) 
  5. Custom built a drone or get a BNF/PNP drone
  6. Fly 
  7. Crash 
  8. Repair
  9. Repeat
  10. Have fun and enjoy 😊 

First thing you should consider buying is radio controller, majority of the controller is compatible with analog and digital except for DJI FPV controller. Thus, do not worry about analog or digital when buying a controller. 

Second, coming into buying a FPV googles you will then need to know which system you wanted start with. As mentioned earlier in newbie's guide, racer will go for analog and videographer or freestyler would opt for digital. It's depends what you want to use it for.  


Lastly, you need a drone to fly!!!

If you do not know what to buy, you may get a BNF (buy n fly) or PNP (plug n play) drone to start with.

However, if you want to start with a custom-build drone and do not know which parts are best to pair, you may consult with our FPV Master (Lau), he can guide you through :)